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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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that is up to him. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v big changes could be coming for thousands of local students. why full-day kindergarten is now on the chopping block. a little boy is recovering from a tragic sledding accident. i'll tell you how the washington capitals are helping with his
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recovery. president obama has a heart felt message for the people of japan after isis executes yet another hostage. good evening. i'm chris lawrence. tonight there's been a huge outpouring of support for virginia boy hit by a car while sledding. 6 years old and a huge fan of the washington capitals. darcy spencer is live with how the team is rallying around him. darcy? >> reporter: chris, as you said this amazing little boy is just 6 years old but he's already a huge fan of the washington capitals. in fact he loves to come here to the verizon center to watch them in action and tonight the capitals are joining in on this movement pray for b-man. he's one of the caps biggest fans and he is in desperate need of prayers. 6-year-old benston in critical
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condition after a sledding accident in the neighborhood last wednesday. family members waiting at the hospital decided to start a call for prayers through social media with #pray for bman and it's taken off. this young hockey fan got the attention of the capitals team owner and said please send a minute with prayers and well wishes to the family. we are praying for his speedy recovery. the caps announcer posted this youtube video. >> hey, benston, we are thinking about you here with the washington capitals and we want you to get better soon and to unleash the feeling. get better pal. >> reporter: his story was picked up by the caps blog russian machine never breaks. they posted photos of the little boy who built a caps player snowman with his sisters the day
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before the tragic accident. he is in a medically induced coma with family at his side. the messages are being documented to show him the love and support he's received when he wakes up. family members tell me that his condition is touch and go. obviously, they're there with him at the hospital. they do want to express their gratefulness and appreciation for all the love and support they're receiving right here in the community and, in fact from around the world. we're reporting live from the verizon center darcy spencer, news 4. >> let's all keep him in our prayers. a live look at union station. meteorologist amelia single joins us with what to expect on super sunday. >> chris, a winter weather advisory in effect for areas of frederick and washington counties in maryland and parts of west virginia. you can see the map here. all of the counties shaded in blue. this winter weather advisory it will begin at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow
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and it is going to run through monday morning. as we head to graphics and take a look at the map, there you see like i said all of the areas in purple in west virginia. now, areas to the south, this is mainly only a rain event for you. here's the latest storm timing. most if not all of your sunday could be dry tomorrow. there's the chance of a little bit of a wintry mix some point between noon and 7:00 especially around washington and areas to the north and west. but it's not until 7:00 p.m. or 10:00 p.m. tomorrow evening rain steady rain start it is move into the area. it will begin as a wintry mix to areas of the north. i'll let you know chris, when the storm comes to an end and what it means for our temperatures. >> thanks amelia. tonight, president obama says the u.s. is standing in solidarity with the japanese people and he called the apparent beheading of a japanese hostage a heinous murder.
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a video shows a man with a knife to kenji goto's throat and he was captured by militants in october. the white house isn't confirming the authenticity of the video but says goto has been killed. we're learning new detalls of bobbi christina houston's condition. her husband and a friend found her unconscious and police say she is alive and breathing. officers put up crime scene tape at her home in atlanta and detectives don't suspect foul play. >> they are talking with friends and family that were at the house at the time to see if there was a cause, if it was other than health conditions. >> it's been almost three years since houston whitney was found dead in a bathtub in a hotel. back here in d.c. police are working to identify the man or woman found dead near reagan
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national arps. officers found the body in a tributary of the potomac river near thomas avenue and 4 mile run. a popular trail. the body's been taken to the medical examiner's office for an autopsy. police are waiting on that report as they try to i.d. that body. big cuts could be coming to schools in prince william county. "the washington post" reports school officials are considering cutting the full-day kindergarten program at more than half the county's 57 elementary schools. now, in enrollment boom is outpaced the district's budget and the board of county supervisors is planning a smaller increase in the property tax rate. d.c. police want your help tonight as they try to i.d. two people involved an armed robbery. investigators are looking for the people in this video. the robbery happened three weeks ago monday just before midnight
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at a store near minnesota avenue in east capital street. it's been nearly a year and a half since a police officer killed john greer. they released 11,000 pages of documents. we have posted them on the website. greer was unarmed when he was shot in his home in springfield. today, some fairfax county residents demanded an independent review. >> the fairfax board needs to change the policy of obstruction to one of transparency and create an independent review board to give officers fair treatment but have some accountability. >> the board decided to conduct an internal audit. the father hasn't read the whole report but he told us today it seems to confirm that other officers on the scene had a different account of what happened than the officer who actually shot his son. protesters on the white house today demanding worldwide nuclear disarmament.
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a group of global zero brought an inflatable missile to rally support for the cause. they say president obama is proposing an upgrade to the u.s. arsenal that could cost a trillion dollars. domestic aus into a big issue for the nfl this year. highlighted by the ray rice case and how the league handled it. super bowl sunday two ads will address the issue during commercial breaks. one is funded by the nfl and the other by a d.c. based advocate group purchasing a 15-second ad to send a message that real fans won't stand for violence. >> not only do they see it as unacceptable, 55 cases unanswered under the leadership of roger goodell and they also see the nfl and the players themselves as role models leaders in this country. >> the group behind the #goodellmustgo calling for the commissioner to be fired. nbc 4 is your super bowl station. kickoff is 6:30 sunday night.
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and stay tuned after the game for an all new episode of "the blacklist." and then news 4 at 11:00. next at 11:00, it is all about food tonight in arizona as fans get ready for the super bowl. we have a taste of the nfl. and big change here at the kennedy center. the venue doing something it has never done before. and why people in virginia have
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new at 1 1x 1:00 drivers in virginia that need to update will have an extra day to do it. governor waived the late fees and extended the deadline after a computer outage shut down dmvs
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across the state. if the credentials expire you have until the 7th to get them updated. plans are you should way to bring classical music to new audiences. they have hired a new composer in residence for the first time. mason baits is coming to d.c. from chicago and he'll start a new contemporary music series to compose music across various genres and plans of deejays and local artists perform at the kennedy center. all right. still to come rain could move in super bowl sunday. find out how it could affect your monday morning commute.
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narrator: gas prices are down helping middle class families. but now, the white house wants to impose title ii regulations on your internet meaning new government taxes and fees. every month: you'd pay more. 11 billion dollars a year in new taxes and fees. internet freedoms can be protected with the white house and congress working together, but imposing new
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tax increases through public utility style regulations will hurt middle class families let's protect the internet we love without regressive taxes and fees. no to title ii.
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all right. pizza, wings, staples, but what you serve at the super bowl bash really does matter. as we're shown, food is taking center stage in arizona, as well. ♪ >> on this super bowl eve, we are going beyond the chips, dips wings. we are in scotsdale at the ultimate taste of the nfl. this is the chef's gridiron. 32 chefs and players from every nfl city representing washington here a crab bisque. chef i'm tasting the beer. >> it's right from ashburn, virginia. >> how fitting. >> right near redskin park. >> brig owens on hand and played in a super bowl before. 1971. what goes through your mind the night before a game? what are they thinking about tonight? >> right now, they're going
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over they're playing the game in their head right now. you know? and talking about the consistencies and ifs and that. but they're really focused on preparing themselves mentally and physically. >> the seahawks food station served up shrinks. patriots gnocchi. the taste of the nfl has raised millions to kick hunger. it is always a star studded affair. >> the fact that these players come together with the celebrity chefs and make this such a special night and raise so much money to give to the food banks, to stay in the community, i just think it's super special and super proud to be here. >> we get to turn it off at the big game. we'll join you live. news 4. and if you need help planning a big party, we have you covered from decorations to food nbc washington's pinterest page with all you need to be the
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envy of your neighbors. people go on about hitting the stores trying to pick up the last-minute items get to the parties, think the weather impact that is? if to say with all of the new stuff coming out, especially in the d.c. metro area areas south, you will be just fine as far as travel is concerned tomorrow. areas to the north, the winter weather advisory could be some slick roads. that's mainly late tomorrow night into early monday morning. here's the storm system. pretty impressive. latest satellite and radar. snow to the north. way to nebraska down through texas, out into ohio. this moves into the area mainly tomorrow night and mainly as rain. so with future weather, the timing here we are at 11:00 a.m. cloudy a dry start to the day. run out before the midday hours just to be safe if you want to. there's only a slight chance to see a little bit of maybe a wintry mix in the day some point and most if not all of the day
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tomorrow is looking dry and not until the evening hours, 7:00 8:00 p.m. the rain and potentially a mix moves into the area. notice at 10:00 p.m. raining in the d.c. metro area. the pink is potential for some snow sleet and freezing rain. that includes parts of howard and frederick counties and washington county. all snow up into pennsylvania. temperatures they actually warm overnight tomorrow so that means any mix changes over to all rain. by 2:00 a.m. we're tracking rain for the monday morning commute. here's 8:00 a.m. future weather and all the rain is gone by 1:00 p.m. on monday but it's windy monday afternoon and evening. rain tomorrow night starts as a wintry mix. north of washington and where we could see some slick spots. areas of blue. back through i-81. kids most of them they will have school tomorrow. just potentially delays for you in the advisory. by recess drying out.
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windy and dry and dismissal. temperatures are in the teens and 20s. 29 degrees the temperature in washington. so it's a cold start tomorrow chris. but again, most if not all of the day tomorrow could be mainly dry. it's that rain that moves in tomorrow night continues on monday. comes to an end later in the day on monday and then after that we're dry with temperatures for the most part chilly below average in the low to mid-30s. >> thanks a lot. still ahead, wizards dig themselves out of a
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whether you win or lose in january, i got a feeling the close games toughen the was up by the time of the playoffs. >> toronto just has the wizards number. some teams match up better against certain teams in the nba. for instance the wizards match up extremely well against the chicago bulls. the same is not said for the wizards and raptors. in ten meetings the wiz kids 3-7 against toronto. john wall in the lineup tonight despite dealing with migraines and ankle injury this week. pick it up in the third quarter. raptors up big. this is lou williams. he had himself a game coming off the bench. he scored 19 points. raptors up 18. wizards did battle back though. fourth quarter, wall. somehow gets that bucket to fall. 28 points in 12 assists for john wall tonight. later in the game under 30 seconds to play. wizards down 3. that is the truth.
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paul pierce tied the game at 109. headed to overtime. kyle lowry took over in o.t. 23 for the game. raptors go on to beat the wizards 120-116 in overtime. >> the guys hung in there. i got to give our guys credit there. could have been easy when we got down 20 or whatever it was. they kept fighting away and, you know gave ourselves an opportunity to win coming down the stretch. that's you know they played their hearts out. trying to pull this out. let's go down a level now. charlottesville, second ranked virginia hosting fourth ranked duke. second half. cavaliers up 4. malcolm brogdan is rewarded. and one. he had 17 for the game. uva. they're up 7. later on say hello to justin anderson. the kid can get up. duke did come back.
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tied at 63-63. this is quinn cook. knocking down a huge three pointer. that put duke up 66-63. under 20 seconds to play. oh that was the dagger right there. jones. duke they hand virginia their first loss of the season. cavaliers fall 69-63. georgetown createing kreighton. georgetown up by 5. smith rivera hits the floor and the three. georgetown leads by 3. this is the three of his own. georgetown up by as many as 14. later in the half this game well in hand. dsr just wants to make sure. game high 24 points. georgetown they cruise past creighton, 67-40. a-10 george washington
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visiting rhode island. gw loses the basketball here. martin grabs it. gives it up and gets it right back for the huge jam. see that one again. 15 points for martin. rhode island's up 11. later in the half kevin larson usually the low block. but here feel like knocking down a three pointer. gw up 2. rhode island they did take this game late. terrell. nice drive and the foul. rhode island goes on to win over george washington 59-54. 14th ranked vcu with richmond. these fans not going the like what they see in this game. second half anthony took over. defender falls but he doesn't. anthony pulls up for the jumper. richmond's up 7. he was just getting started. had a game high 22 points. richmond starting to pull away. later in the half scary moment for vcu.
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that is weber going down. he is on the floor in pain. looks like an apparent knee injury right there. he had to be helped off the court and returned on crunches. they fall to richmond 64-52. howard and catholic both winners tonight. american will play on monday. let's go over to the ice now. the capitals always seems to give his team a chance to win in montreal. a perfect 4-0 record there with 2 shutouts. outstanding again today. the teammates not so much. ovechkin trying to make it two straight wins. this one all about the goaltenders. first period we're scoreless. joe ward. had a shot but how about carey price with a diving save? second period, no luck on the power play. ovechkin shot goes off the post. under 20 seconds remaining.
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stopped. rebound gets swept away by niskanen. 29 saves. 36 for carey price. in overtime fell apart for the capitals. max pacioretty scores on this deflection. that is the game. capitals lose a heart breaker in overtime 1-0. also the super bowl's tomorrow. i don't know if you heard. >> your prediction? >> the seahawks. you? >> s
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you're watching king 5 seattle. >> it's super bowl shutdown with seahawks quarterback richard sherman. >> hi hello. i'm you're host


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